Friday, 4 February 2011

Hill of beans

We sat huddled in semi-circular proximity to Alpha-Alpha as he casually decanted himself from the big chair and easily repositioned himself on top of his big old desk. No, it wasn't a big desk. It was huge. A compacted, condensed and hand-polished forest of the finest oak. And his legs all a-dangling above the big carpet. He began: "Now I'm guessing you're all wondering why I gathered you here in the - my - big office, and I don't mind saying, I appreciate that you all might have curious minds. I give that much credit, at least. Where to begin? Where to begin? Well, it's no secret that times are tough, tough all round, and we've all had to shed a few pounds - pull that belt buckle in a notch - but there's nothing wrong in a little hunger. Keeps one sharp. Alert. One eye always on the next meal. And you know the company policy: we don't pay overtime: it's a principle, a measure of commitment if you will, but I think you also know such loyalty doesn't go unrewarded, if not in this life, or the next, or thereafter that, but soon, and for the rest of your life. I hope someday you'll understand."


  1. They spotted the mangled Casablanca reference? Well, hell: show 'em what they won Suzy.

  2. That sounds vaguely familiar from somewhere in the recesses of the distant memories

  3. This is a "colourised" version of the relevant scene. Some great lines; however I always feel Bogart's delivery tends to be a tad on the flat side; in particular, his portray of Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep seems to squander Raymond Chandler's fanatic dialogue, which should be savoured, not mumbled over (incidentally, William Faulkner helped write the screenplay).

    PS Bogart is great, I'm just saying he had his limitations.