Thursday, 17 February 2011


There's never any easy way to broach the subject; however, after much soul searching and emotional anguish, I thought it best to write you this note. Now don't get me wrong, the early years were special; you were always so attentive, sensitive, warm and kind of touch. I will always hold the sunshine of those memories dear to my heart, no matter what the future brings. But it's clear, the future holds for us different things and, dare I say, in time you'll see also, new beginnings. It's the way of the world to keep turning. I don't blame you, entirely, I blame myself some too. I let things go too far, may be back then, it felt easier that way; now I realise I was wrong, it's only made things harder, for both of us. It's nature's way to mourn for things gone, I know I did and that, after reading this, you will. Nothing to be ashamed of. It's all part of coming to terms with life and moving on. "C'est la vie", as the French say. Speaking of which, as you may have already gathered now, I've moved on, to your neighbour: you see, he doesn't hold down a full time job, worry about promotion, securing the next big client, leave me alone with myself all day long; he's always there for me. And not just at meal times. Perhaps my first clue should have been your - now in the rear mirror of retrospect - eerily creepy androgynous pet name for me. I don't know. May be I'll - we'll - never know exactly. And at that I'll leave it. And, formally, you.


(Your former cat.)

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  1. We had a dramatic reading of this at the kitchen island lastnight while the wife made her hot was a success.