Saturday, 26 February 2011

The day the music died

The rain bounced off the brim of my hat forming fast flowing rivulets that drained off the rim, into the gutter below by my feet and onto the nearby bare head of the lifeless corpse. Encrusted remnants of emetic discharged still clung to its straggly beard and clotted hair extensions. The substance of discharge, presumable washed away already. After a spell of serial sunny days, the smell of earthy relief was palpable off the parched side-walks. The rest of the body was heaped, ungainly, against the alley wall. Can't tell if the victim was black or white - possibly skin bleaching or the fade of age, definitely old though, probably only a matter of time, save the head severance incident, before the clock ran out on this one - presuming that the victim wasn't already dead beforehand, in which case we were looking at corpse mutation. Back in the alley, I took a closer look at the sliver skull-ringed fingered hands, the nicotine brown-tipped stains and unkempt nails encrusted with a dark, neglect accumulated, residue. Rolling the frayed sleeves back, constellations of punctures marks covered paper thin skin - where there weren't blisters and sores - as if an army of dog-sized vampire bedbugs had gang-banged their way through the victim at a syringe-only party.

The deputy finally arrived in an unnecessary fanfare of sirens and giant flashing Christmas lights, followed by the ambulance. I think I made it clear - yeah, pretty sure - when I called it in earlier, that this wasn't one of those resuscitation deals.

So what do we have here detective?

Well, if I were to make an educated guess, I'd say it was the death of Rock and Roll.

It was a long time coming. Coffee? Got a flask back in the car. Hey, if it's any consolation, best that we weren't about to see it.

Thanks, but I've got another case to be getting on with, someone reported Hip-Hop's gone missing.

Really? Last time I heard that racket, it was operating all over town in the nineties.

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