Thursday, 6 August 2009

Less and less response

N o dreams anymore
O nly stills
O f tracks
S tretching out
E vermore

One myth that survives today is the story of how humanoids who, unable to secure a receptor organism to meet his replication needs, entered centres dedicated to the maintenance and wellbeing of the receptors and stopped them all dead with a shooting device. The idea today of couse sounds ridiculous. The humanoids so vulnerable, living, breathing, susceptible to disease, desire, death. The idea that it could be stopped! The life force systems in their craniums were reliant on the air to fuse with lubricant that ran around their "physical" bodies. The old stories still go round today. The humanoid killer would more often than not put an end to himself, "do himself in", as they said, put the shooter to his head and stop it all.

Avatar Elder 846 had a humanoid ancestor who put himself away. An ancestor whose strands had contributed to the first nodes. He left a 'note' describing his last moments, describing how the heat, the years of frustration had driven him to it. With the last lines of the note, he described how it felt to put the cold hard shooter in his mouth and set himself free: "it tastes like the sun."

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