Tuesday, 21 July 2009

MMMMM. just saw water bot and the delta56 having a set to in the lobby. LMAO!!!

When, at last, they realised there was nothing inside the text, someone started to wonder whether there was anything outside of it. This was generally received as bad form at Unlikely Solutions, but QT liked to speculate on such things and welcomed the talk.

There had been similar, but essentially different talk - in both manner and content - recently from those in the know about 'expansion.' Everyone was being encouraged to speculate about this. Such phrases were bandied about. We can not expand if we stay where we are. We must expand, both outwardly and inwardly. Expansion is about getting tighter while also creating.. more. There must be attempts to produce more and move, physically, if only by suggestion, but not withstanding the use of synthetic partitions, more effectively. If I expand, you must stay still but understand WE get .... 'everywhere.' To be seen to be in the room, outside the room, dominating the room when within, and defining what may have been in the room once we have left, but always carrying the room, holding it both on the shoulders but nursing it like the first human child. When you look at the window, what do you see? Do you see a divide which marks your place in the physical world or see only an opportunity to be overcome, dividing you from space which is rightfully yours, by hook or by crook? Question marks generally abound.

For the many years of creative thinking, the room, it seemed, had always been the same size, if not smaller, but everyone did their best to put their minds to imagining it to be bigger than it was. Essentially, its still the same four walls, the same six sides, the same reportage and information whirling around. It's still the same space and the same script. The same words tap tap tapped out and brought up on the screen and held up for inspection. (too much same. ed.) But that just added to the mud and fish bones smattered everywhere good for nothing and tasty to no one. The trick was surely not to add more (more?same?yawn.ed.) mud to the shit pile, but if possible, start picking it away, if if necessary, turn around and look the other way, maybe use the pile as a perch to look out, maybe as a launching pad for better things. Better, OTHER, things. Off you go! Wooosh. Ah. Errrrrrrrrrrrrr.

QT's reverie was broken by someone mouth-trumpeting and making fart noises under their armpit. dadadalarardaldaralalaladadadadadalaaaa

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