Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Beginning QT

Having gained access to the scripts, it was evidently now JT's responsibility to work his way through the process of archiving, organising, sorting the carbon sheets. Old documents - he was informed - that evidently needed analysing and documenting in order to present some kind of coherent record of this recent discovery. It was an odd task which became no odder through familiarity but JT welcomed the role and dedicated himself gratefully to his duties. He took an attitude of impartial dilligence to his work, sustaining himself on the satisfaction of a job well done. It was not his place to expect more. But, he had acquired the unexpected but unavoidable benefit of an understanding for the anachronistic scrawlings etched into the sheets.

While he laboured gently on, generally unmoved, one paper he uncovered recently had left an impression. It was entitled, 'Beginning QT' and contained what looked like a set of 'principles' and 'methods' all marked out as if to be making a point, along with a series of characteristics and instructions for someone, something or some kind of operative to complete. Creativity, visuality and, in general, robustness seemed to be the qualities most desired. Visuality? The operative needed to have an appreciation for the visual. JT realised what he had in his hands, so to speak, was the description for some kind of prototype, some form of functioning node that would have performed, how does one say, actions for which he felt a disarming connection. It was a lead but, he felt, a further dreadful warning about things that happened before the Collapse.

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