Tuesday, 7 July 2009

On the game

QT_PIE99: Status: (now online)

Gosh! I’m new to this whole online dating game; I’ve never been on the game before!*

*Those rumours were redacted, rescinded and retracted.

Why should you get to know QT_PIE99?

What about me? Well, I am, do, etc. …
    • Love challenges: failure is not an option for me until it is “the only”.
    • Open but not to the point of being inside out.
    • Curious but not intrigued by-the-bi.
    • Unconventional but not “eccentric” or indeed subject to any borderline mental health issues which may be associated with adjectives such as “quirky”, “wacky” or even “spontaneous”.
    • Generous and gregarious but not egregious.
    • Affectionate to animals (in the light petting sense).
    • Like to pursue outdoor pursuits but out of direct sunlight.
    • Like beans.
    QT_PIE99 is looking for:

    I am looking for a girl with easy access and modular flexibility (OS 1.21.06 or above). Low expectations and self-esteem issues are preferable but not a prerequisite (on the job training will be provided). Must own own teeth or a suitable near substitute. Low water users need only apply.*

    *Your statutory rights are not effective. Contents may settle in transit. Your future is at risk if you fail to keep up with repayments. Batteries not included. See label for surving suggestions.

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