Saturday, 18 July 2009

A confrontation with Muff-Muff

So, how are you? How? Are you?

Do you want me to turn nasty you great big bear arse?

Will I notice the difference?

Oh, I see, can we add rhetorical wit to your growing list of failings?

I see what you did there: the inherent irony in your observation; the ironic tension created by being at once a symbiotic combination of superior exemplar and, at the same time, a subtle castigation of my inferior employment of the form. I read that on the side of synthetic-cereal packet. I think it was a serial.

Get out of my sight.

Alpha-Alpha, slowly drowning in the pool of his despair, paddled back to the spare room. He could hear the human child's gurgling laughter. Like an evil brook. Mocking him.

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