Thursday, 9 July 2009

The α-α masterclass

I’m often asked by the naif, at high-level social networking events, celebrity barbecues and the like, how it is I consistently outperform and overachieve in the field of areté. Three words people: full spectrum dominance. But those are just words, they say; how do they translate into actionable events? Easy I reply: imagine the communications industry is a rainbow, now if I have full spectrum dominance, it means that I own chromatic trademarks right across the visible radiation bandwidth and, therefore, have exclusive rights to the pot of gold at its end. Inevitably my erstwhile inquisitors are blown away by the depth and simplicity of my visioning, so much so, I usually have to tell them to: pull up that jaw bridge and click those red heels Dorothy; you’re not in Kansas anymore - much to the mirth, and merriment, of knowing eavesdroppers.

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