Saturday, 5 March 2011

Banking on it

You're just being paranoid.

Jeremy, Jeremy Jeremy. How long have we worked together in investment banking?

Three months. Give or take a lost weekend to cocaine and strip bars.

God really? Seems much longer. The point is - the point I'm trying to make is - well, it's all gone a bit tits up.

Really? Because I know you're prone to exaggeration.

That kind of goes with the job, but look Jeremy, I want you to do something for me; I want you to open the blinds and look down out of the window at the street below and tell me what you see.

This one?

Yes, that one will do. What do you see?

I see people running about with improvised clubs battering each other; some of those on the wrong end of the battering look like they might be already be dead. Oh, and I see overturned vehicles, smashed shop windows, looting and fires. It's all a bit chaotic.

You see my point? This could severely limit future investment opportunities.

Why do you always have to look at the Molotov cocktail half full? They'll run out and somebody will bail us out. They always do. We're indispensable.

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