Sunday, 6 March 2011

And you wonder why?

You're about the loveliest thing I ever set eyes upon.


As a compliment; though granted, unsolicited. And by “thing” I invoke the most general and unspecific categorisation of existence available to our conceptual repertoire. In a way, I'm saying I find you the most pleasing thing upon which my gaze has fallen among the spectrum of all possible forms, at least thus far.

You're creepy.

That's what my therapist tells me.

And how's that working out for you?

Apparently, not so good.

And why did you qualify your opening gambit with “about”?

Aesthetic hierarchies are notoriously difficult to justify – in the eye of the beholder? Wait, don't go!


  1. You show a great sense of a conflicted balance in the dialoque.

    Any thought of breaking out into a staged drama/dark comedy?

  2. I'd love to write a noir novel; however, I don't have enough free time at the moment to embark on such an enterprise; at most, I make do with the occasional pastiche vignette on. I love - when they're on top of their game - Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Jim Thompson and, more recently, I'm trying to learn from their modern-day literary descendants such as James Ellroy and Dennis Lehane, but I really need to up my game: I'm so weak at plots. I haven't really mastered the balance between structured story telling and my love of free-form “jazz” improvisation; essentially, this blog is a collage of random, spur-of-the-moment ideas, spun off the back of a few evening beers (combining wilfully egregious instances of alliteration and the occasional hackneyed and ill-conceived rhyming scheme). Thanks for your comment.

  3. You need to make time...there are moments of brilliance on this blog...and it's always interesting.