Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Localised organisation in entropic environs

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face"
1 Corinthians 13, King James

The memory bottle washed up on the cyber shore. Somehow the message - missive - was corrupted, but the shell remained intact.

"The trouble is, he thought to himself, language is always in danger of breaking down and, since it's the medium by which we express our thoughts, is not thought itself in danger of breaking down? is, for instance, this thought broken? what is this thought? is it a thought or thoughts? can we assemble what appear to be fragments into a coherent, consistent whole and, in doing so, make the many one or is that one too many? and since the method of mediation is the the medium, and therein lies the lacunae of loopy logic - which begs the unanswered question - should we mind the gaps for fear of dropping down the cracks? by questioning thought do we alter its course and, of course; thereby create uncertainty and, by examining trajectory, do we also lose the ability to position it and vice versa? certainly, even in nonsense, you can find sense and, in a sense, nonsense, like repetition or an over-familiarity that leaves you strangely disconnected and what matters becomes a slippery substance whose boundaries are notionally insubstantial as with all words, words, words and even the letters represents a kind of sentence in the multiplication of tokens and types under which perspective collapses in the placing? if this is madness then only the mad would attempt to persuade me otherwise, otherwise it makes perfect sense in that, what would otherwise sensibly be, be a sea of nonsense? sometimes we say what we mean and, by not saying what we mean, sometimes we mean what we didn't say, even though we don't mean to not say it and and the unintended becomes a manifestation of the intended and our notes become ambiguous like the contours of a self-intersecting single surface whose shape is defined and undefined like a cartographer's map in motion and yet remains definitively undecided by acknowledging it as such by unfixing our fixation? by meditation?"

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