Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ideologies as false idols

The problem with a moral theory – a theoretical construct from which, in principle, we could deduce - reduce, given any situation, the rights and wrongs of action or action-by-inaction (which, in itself, is a kind of choice in deliberately not choosing) – is that our recognition of its being as such – moral – presupposes we are already moral beings with a capacity for moral recognition. And what if our theory tells us we ought to do something or not do something which we find morally loathsome, repugnant and vile? Can it really tell us this? Countermand us? It cannot tell us. It cannot tell. It does not speak to us, except when we ventriloquise its so-called "commandments" and pretend that the puppet on left hand does not know what puppet on right hand is doing and vice versa vice.

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