Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Eye see nothing

Imagine your inner eye as a cypher.

A zero.

A conduit with n0 intrinsic value.

You see this with your inner eye and, by doing so, you see it – not literally as a thing-in-itself, but understand it as a means.

You see the inner eye cannot see: it is neither an ocular device; nor does it occupy space – at least as defined by physical dimensions.

There is no “in” for it to be “out” of.

Even the blind can see that.

There is, in a sense, only the one "inner" eye and that very same eye is available to everyone.

When you look at something in the outside world with the eyes in your head, the gap between “in” and “out” is bridged by the "inner" eye.

You see?

And that "inner" eye, unlike your own eyes, is not yours alone.

It is the eye of the world

And no "I" owns it.





This was just an excuse to post a video of an eye on with David Lynch singing over it.
Is that a blue elephant?

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