Friday, 15 April 2011

There must be some kind of way out of here?

It helps the therapeutic process if you don't treat your psychiatrist as a hostile.

Even if he is?

Some would call that paranoia.

Some of those callers could be right or, on the other hand, paranoid.

I see I'm going to have to take a different tact.

Like you just figured you brought a knife to a gun fight?

I don't catch your drift.

Not so fast. I saw that sideways look when I mentioned the gun. Notice I said “the gun” this time; not “a gun”? There, in your desk draw. From across the desk no one could see, even standing, what you were reaching for unless they were leaning right over but, before that happened, your finger would've already been tugging at the trigger.

You seem confident of yourself. Perhaps we should take a look?

No need, we won't find it there. You taped it to the underside of the chair instead. You then deliberately continued to exhibited the non-verbal tell-take ticks that would lead me to believe it was still in the draw from our previous sessions.

So sure?

Yes, because I broke into your office while you were out to lunch and found your draw empty.

This is extreme paranoia.

Why don't you check under your chair, or are you afraid?



The psychiatrist will see you now.


Please, there is only one of you. And don't pretend to stick your gum underneath the seat. Don't deny. I saw you earlier. What you don't know is that I already knew you were double bluffing at playing the multiple personality schizoid when you really were a multiple personality schizoid who invented me as distraction for the fact that the gum was really in the draw; when both of us knew you and I were I all along.

This is worse than the plot to Shutter Island.

I think you've made your breakthrough.

Who said that?

You did.

Bait and switch. Switch and bait.

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