Thursday, 27 January 2011

What dreams may come ... and go

As he awoke to the alarm pulse, shaking off the sluggish embryonic remnants of the dream-scape where he had soared beyond the moribund gravitational shackles of the day-dwellers, he began searching the sock draw in the vain pursuit of a matching pair. It was then that he remembered the redundancy. Yet-to-be-signed divorce petition. And eviction notice. Oh wait, no, he was still asleep and this was a nightmare. Sometime after noon he would leave the golf club and pass by the office to pick up his contractually legal bonus cheque at the bailed-out bank where he worked. And he would laugh at this soon-to-be-forgotten silliness. Or may be he was still dreaming? No. He wasn't ... ah, but may be ... look, no, he wasn't.

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