Thursday, 13 January 2011


My dandruff has returned. I know what you're thinking: but you have such vibrant and electrifyingly vital hair with such “effortless” balance, condition, control and volume – how could this be, pray tell? Well, as you know, I don't subscribe to scrimping when it comes to my mane attraction. Lush locks don't happen by accident. However, what I hadn't anticipated on my recent business trip to LA – and therefore didn't pack for – were the grooming riots. Due to the fuel shortages, refined petroleum based unctions were as rare as stabilised forms of antimatter. The stylist salons and studios burned into the night and, whilst the pyrotechnics may have been hair-raising, the consequent humidity dried out my scalp. Keratin flakes on my shoulders and collar, why do you mock me so?

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