Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sure plays a mean pinball

It's clarity of purpose.

What is your purpose Alpha-Alpha?

No. No. It's not my purpose, it's the purpose – whatever that may be, at the time, although, sometimes purpose only becomes clear after the event – events – and has to be retrofitted. It's like the trajectory of pinball flipping back and forth between bumpers in a game of life and death with an endless supply of chump change. I speak not of my own life and death you understand, rather, those upon whose behalf I take the plunger in my palm. Tilting the table in my favour, of course. That's why they call me "The Wizard".

So it's about the money?

Your man in the street, in the supermarket on his way home from the office casing the chill cabinet for ready-meals, or on the cheap couch watching his favourite talent show for the talentless, always thinks it's about the money. Certainly money – and lots of it – helps. But money is just pixels in the shape of numbers – tokens – on the trader's Bloomsberg console. The numbers have no intrinsic value. Value is velocity. The speed of the game. How long can you keep the ball spinning?

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