Friday, 9 April 2010

You are the box

What's in a name? Well nothing because, unlike a box – let's imagine for the purposes of illustration that the box in question is a regular cardboard box – a name has no interior into which we can put things and, therefore, we can take nothing out of the question: what's in a name? But can we? What if it's a magic box? And by magic I mean it displays certain metaphysical properties that cannot be explained merely in terms of the operation of natural laws. That would be a special box indeed. Now suppose that box is not a box but a trans-dimensional gateway, except to the untrained eye, it still looks like a regular box. And further suppose that you could step into that box, sit within its putative confines, and think. In doing so - and now I want to you open the lids of your minds real wide - one could say you were “thinking outside the box” since the box is not a really a box, only a notional representation of boxiness, which you imagine inside your heads. If we could do that, what could we achieve? What couldn't we achieve? I want you to think about that before we meet up for our next motivational seminar entitled “Boxing Clever”.

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