Thursday, 22 April 2010

It really is black and white - isn't it?

Black is the absence of colour and white is the colour created by the confluence of all the colours, at least as far as the additive theory is concerned (though if white is a colour then, by definition, does it include itself? (the "set paradox")); that is, unless we are talking the pigmentation theory, in which case the reverse is true. Having said that, the perceptual theory agrees with the additive theory - up to a point; so I make that: two to one in favour of black not being a colour and one and a half-ish to one and a half-ish in indifference to white being a colour (evens).

I've never met a black person, nor a white person and, nor for that matter, a black and white person.

Cartoons don't count.

As doesn't "Penguin Man".

I don't number by paint, even those that do.

There are no pre-judged "facts" and judgment doesn't belong to you - universally, unless you take "appearances" to be the only "facts".

If you do, conversation is impossible between "us" and the "gray" area between "us" is literary metaphorically, metaphorically literally, "undefined".

Communication is in danger of breaking down at any moment.

Agreement and disagreement implies something shared.

Otherwise communication is impossible.

My breath is wasted if, I don't understand, I don't own understanding alone.

Night and day; day and night.

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