Monday, 25 January 2010

Marketing missive

Re: the two business card designs: I don't know; it's difficult because I'm not really the demographic that would pick up this kind of business card and think "that's my kind of thing" - as you well know; even if it had the well-preserved Claudia Schiffer in her bathing thong on it. I can't spot any typos, though, strictly speaking, when you use proper names, they should be capitalised; however, in adverting, not capitalising makes text look more friendly and informal. The impression I get from the images: well, they look like corporate adverts selling Microsoft products or computer chips - not sure that's a bad thing per se. On the first card, I would not repeat the use of "in". When you are dealing with a limited number of words, repetition is more obvious; sometimes this is an advantage; others it isn't. Re: the images themselves; focusing on the second - the woman dressed in the suit sitting on the sand next to the ocean; we know her bottom's wet; we know she knows this, but, nonetheless, remains unperturbed (calm). She is finely manicured: attention to detail. The jacket doesn't fit - deliberately so, emphasising her cleavage; so, even though she's wearing a suit and glasses (think: business) we still know, under that, under the traditional male garb, she's a still a woman. The second image: guy, nice fitting suit, sitting lotus fashion on mountain top - probably a little vain - looks like his hair is died (highlights?) and uses "product". The knot in his tie is relatively thick - fashionable - but not OTT a la the deceased footballer and gay icon, David Beckham. However, is someone that spends that much time deliberately fashioning themselves, someone who works as a high-powered exec or simply a male model that gets to wear well-tailored suits and sit on rocks in an ersatz mediative mode? Again, I don't know: I'd use your own image working with a client, because this is what they will get; think: you staring into the distance a la Wittgenstein; use some reassuring mumbo-jumbo tag line ("does what it says on the tin") - having said that, the images you use also speak "ambition" / "aspiration" / "work life balance" - which speaks to me: high-end. And may be you pitched this right. I'd canvas some more opinions on this; think: focus groups. Anyway, good luck with your consultancy start-up.

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