Friday, 3 June 2011

Lovin' Spoonful

In lieu of posting my first chapter, which - by-the-way - I expect to be ready for posting sometime next week, a musical interlude. Tune reminds me of the long car journeys during 70's summers, radio cranked up, when my family would travel out to the coast to camp and mum would knit, while dad was out surfing and me and my sister would explore the rock pools for strange, tide stranded sea-life and shells. Definitely not in the city.


  1. It's next week.

    Where is it? I've cleared my reading schedule.

  2. To the blog author Natetin and whomever else it may concern,

    On the evening of June 12th, my client, author of the blog Flimsy Cups e.f.bartlam, tripped on a tumbleweed while visiting your site. Though he is loath to do so, he feels he has no choice but to sue you for the substantial cost of his medical bills, pain and suffering (he is unable at this time to continue teaching his son how to swing a golf club)...playtime that can never be recovered), and court costs.

    Again, it pains him to take this action but...what are gonna do?

    Snigger Snidley esq.
    Ticky, Ticky, Snidely and Tack