Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Rumsfeldian cloud of unknowing

I believe God wants you to know.

So God knows you believe “he” wants me to know that: not only do you believe “he” wants me to know, but that I also believe you also believe I want to believe "he" wants me to know, even though you don't know “he” knows I want to know; you merely believe that – so how do I know? I may believe I want to know, but how do I know I really want to, given that I don't already?

I believe you do.

Now wait .... you believe, but you don't really know that I already know … what "he" wants me to know … let's just cut to chase: what are you selling?

Comfort. See how how fluffy and affordable it is in easy installments!

Are you actually Walsching me?

I believe "he" doesn't want you to know that.

There's a difference between knowing and believing that you know you know and knowing that you believe you know but don't know you know.

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