Sunday, 8 November 2009


Joe Kerr Jr., in predictable fashion, paced, socked and shoeless, upon the boardroom table, as was his wont, when delivering his "beyond the envelope - deep space the other side of the black hole - ideas".

I think we all, Joe Junior, agree around this round table, that the notion of launching a new bottled water product, when, for want of a better phrase, "the planetary well is dry", is damned to fail.

It's really quite simple people, simple people. It's not about perspiration. It's about aspiration. What we are selling is the idea of liquid wealth in the form of a dehydrated water powder, which says, to your peers, "I'm a success, so much so, my busy lifestyle means I don't have time to fill a bottle full of water before I leave home for work, so I carry "H2O DRY" when I'm on the go, just add water, and I have an instance source of transparently thirst-quenching product."

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