Monday, 26 September 2011

The new standard

We don't just manage expectations, we lower them. Everything is for sale. Everything must go. Rock bottoms.


  1. Expectations? We have expectations?

  2. If one does not expect, I suspect that is, in itself, an inverse form of expectation, only the bar is somewhat lowered. And the bar is where my expectations, on any given Friday night, signalled by my futile waving of a valid token instance of a paper based currency, is often frustrated by those that under-staff it.

  3. I have just looked at your profile. You have excellent taste. Modesty would otherwise prevent me from also pointing out the unspoken tacit inference behind such a judgement itself presumes a high self opinion of my own taste, but it didn't instance.

    My favourite Ballard is The Drought, though I admit not his best.

    The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch is a wild ride, there's a book by - I think Polish? writer - Lem (most famous for Solaris), which has similar a hallucinatory effect, but it's title escapes me for the moment.