Thursday, 9 September 2010

Suspending disbelief

If language is necessarily shared - i.e. there is no possibility of a so-called self-taught “private language” - then either: (a) God learnt if from other speaking communities; or, (b) there are a community of Gods.


  1. What cannot - in principle - be identified, doesn't exist ("no entity without identity") and, therefore, cannot be negated. That's why I was never happy with atheism: what's there to disbelieve in? Sorry I missed your comment (and did not spot it earlier). I hope my response doesn't sound too weasel wordy. I don't entirely agree with Nietzsche's proclamation that "God is dead", i.e, the putative concept is "no longer useful" - I think it is, though I do not accept, without qualification, its explanatory legitimacy; it's so-called ability "to explain" is just as revealing as its inability. That was my (admittedly somewhat obscure) point. If this is too gnomic, I am happy to expand further. Thanks for following. I sincerely appreciate comments.